Jet Assisted Chevy (Episode 1)Edit

Myths Tested:

  • Jet Assisted Chevy: Can a 1967 Chevrolet get to over 300mph using some rockets strapped to its roof?

  • Pop Rocks and Soda: Can six tubes of "Pop Rocks" and six 330ml cans of Soda eaten and drank simultaneously, explode your stomach from the chemical reaction?

Biscuit Bazooka (Episode 2)Edit

Myths Tested:

  • Stuck on an Airplane Toilet: Can an airplane toilet create enough suction to cause the user to become stuck on it?

  • Biscuit Bullet: Can a can of biscuit dough explode when it is placed inside a hot car?

  • Skyscraper Plunge: Can a person throw himself through the window of a skyscraper?

Poppy-Seed Drug Test (Episode 3)Edit

Myths Tested:

  • Lawn Chair Lift off: Can a person take to the skies only using a lawn chair and weather balloons?

  • Poppy-Seed Drug Test: Can someone come up positive on a heroin test by only eating poppy seeds?

  • Goldfinger: Can being painted with gold paint actually be deadly?

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